Playing with Fire

Yesterday was the kind of day where you just want to kick back and relax around the fireplace. It snowed; and not just flurries either. Mother nature has teased us a few times with flurries, but this was our first ‘real’ snowfall of the season, here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, where we actually had a couple of inches that ‘stuck’ to the ground.

While mesmerized by the fire, a thought struck me: for a while I had wanted to try capturing some creative fire photos. So, out came the camera and the tripod, and following are a few of the, well, rather…strange results!


Fireplace_ASG__8036_2012-12-29 - Version 2Fireplace_ASG__8059_2012-12-29 Fireplace_ASG__8058_2012-12-29 Fireplace_ASG__8051_2012-12-29 Fireplace_ASG__8049_2012-12-29 Fireplace_ASG__8048_2012-12-29 Fireplace_ASG__8039_2012-12-29


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