Finding Solace in the Snow

There’s something very therapeutic about walking through a park after a fresh snowfall. Even though I’m a photographer in love with color, I also find the more subtle hues and textures of winter very intriguing. I love finding interesting patterns formed by the ice and snow.

The Holidays can be a joyous but also difficult time of the year for many reasons. It was, therefore, with great excitement, that I donned my winter garb yesterday, and went exploring with my camera, tripod, and husband (i.e. photo assistant)! We went to one of our favorite places nearby: Ridley Creek State Park.

Ridley Creek State Park in the Snow

Ridley_Creek_ASG__8205_2012-12-30 - Version 3

Ridley_Creek_ASG__8099_2012-12-30 - Version 2

Ridley_Creek_ASG__8146_2012-12-30 - Version 2

Ridley_Creek_ASG__8093_2012-12-30 - Version 3

Ridley_Creek_ASG__8140_2012-12-30 - Version 6

Ridley_Creek_ASG__8196_2012-12-30 - Version 3

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