An Invigorating Walk

There’s something invigorating, and apparently blog inspiring, about walking around nature in the bitter cold, in the dead of winter. Well, perhaps ‘bitter’ is overstating it since it’s all relative. What seems frigid to me—someone who lived in the tropics and sub-tropics for 20 years—might feel balmy to a Canadian living in the Arctic tundra of Nunavut.

According to my weather sources, it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.7° Celsius) here yesterday in Media, Pennsylvania (Northeast USA), but it ‘felt’ like 8℉ (-13.3°C) with the wind chill factor.  We are experiencing an Arctic front, so it is similarly cold today. It also snowed Monday evening, which left a pretty white tapestry on the ground, much more attractive than yellowing grass, but not quite enough to require shovels.

So, on my way home from running errands, I decided to go check out our neighboring park. The following photos were taken with my iPhone 4S and required me to take my glove off and expose my right hand to the cold. It was the kind of day where your hand goes all tingly and numb after a couple of minutes!

ASG__9340_2013-01-22 (1)

ASG__9341_2013-01-22 (1)

ASG__9343_2013-01-22 (1)

ASG__9346_2013-01-22 (1)

ASG__9351_2013-01-22 (1)

The meteorologists are forecasting snow on Friday for the Northeast (USA), so I am looking forward to shooting some winter scenes this weekend!


One thought on “An Invigorating Walk

  1. ChrisdMRF

    Some great shots Anabela, well worth a touch of frostbite. I somehow envisioned more snow when we were talking in the hangout, makes me feel better about the paltry 4-5 inches we had here.
    TIP: In sub zero temps do not lick the iPhone screen.


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