I’m photographer, writer, and travel lover. My interests include: nature, animals, earth science, and I am enchanted with the aesthetic beauty of our natural world. I enjoy photographing and writing about my experiences.

My wanderlust compelled me to explore the globe after graduating college. I traveled extensively and continuously for the next 20 years. Instead of pursuing a ‘normal’ career, I sought work which offered travel opportunities. After a post graduation trip to the US Virgin Islands, I discovered the private yachting industry. I worked as a crew member on private yachts for the next decade and took intermittent ‘sabbaticals’ where I went on extensive, independent journeys. After the turn of the millennium, I turned to flying and started working as a flight attendant on a private jet which literally took me around the world. Throughout all of this time, I documented my travels through photography and journals. I now have a home base in Southeastern Pennsylvania where I’m finally able to focus on my photography.

My photography philosophy is that while I love realism, modern technology has made some really cool tools available to us, with which I like to experiment. Over the past couple of years, my style has evolved, and I have started trying new techniques. A couple of things that I’m currently excited about are abstract photography and HDR. You will find all of these in my collections and galleries on my website.


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